Cheap Flight To New York City


cheap flights to new york city
cheap flights to new york city

New York is a place that is on everyone’s travel wish list. Whether it is the iconic Statue of Liberty or the tall Empire State Building and Chrysler Building, the architecture and heritage beckons travellers from all over the world. Each borough and street in New York has a life of its own with its rich cultural influence and bustling lifestyle. Walking from street to street, you will find tall futuristic buildings made of metal and glass flanked by old-world Victorian structures made of beige stone and carved with emblems and statues. In this way and many more, New York indeed is a bubbling potpourri.

No trip to New York is complete without a stroll down Times Square, which probably one of the busiest places in the world! Large electronic hoardings, bright lights, busy sidewalks, tall buildings, jazz music in the background and the smell of hotdogs and pretzels make for a typical Times Square experience.

If you are a lover of art and paintings, you must visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) and many other famous museums, which are so large that you will have to devote two full days just to glance at all the beautiful paintings and art works of famous painters and sculptors.

Wall Street and the charging bull too are iconic spots for those who aspire to work in the field of finance and also for people who would just like to get a glimpse of the busy (and always hurried) New Yorkers, holding a Starbucks coffee cup as they quickly strut to a meeting.

And how can we forget Central Park? A large, sprawling land of green, it is frequented by people from all walks of life. By just sitting in one spot for an hour or two, you can observe the diverse cultural mix of people that live in the city. The sense of style, fashion and behaviour will come through and show you how people from all over the world now call New York their true home.

Whether you take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge or take the ferry to Ellis Island to walk around the Statue of Liberty, New York will give you a sense of belonging and a strong urge to pitch a tent and never leave. Memories of the city are bound to stay with you forever!


New York summers are warm with maximum temperatures of 39 degrees. Winter temperatures drop below freezing point and see a blanket of snow.


NYC is a foodie’s delight, irrespective of whether one is indulging in restaurant cuisine or street food. Delectable favourite foods include hot dogs, cookies and muffins, nachos and tacos, ramen noodles, grilled corn, falafels, kebabs, doughnuts and bagels, cheesecake, pizza, burgers and sandwiches, among many others.


Whether it is the modern dance and jazz movements or the hip-hop and the Harlem Renaissance, NYC has been an important cultural centre of the country. Other important dance, music, theatre, sports and arts spots in New York include 5 Pointz, Broadway and Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden and the Yankee Stadium, and Wall Street and 5th Avenue.

History and Architecture

New York architecture is a mix of various time periods, which is what makes its skyline one of the most unique ones in the world. Important architectural marvel include Trinity Church, Grand Central Terminal, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Statue of liberty, Manhattan Bridge, Hearst Tower, Museum of Modern Art, Rockefeller Centre, Conde Nast Building, Woolworth Building, and the Empire State Building, among many others.


Some of the best places to shop in New York are Upper West Side, Madison Avenue, 5th Avenue, Chelsea, East Village, SoHo, Lower East Side, Lower Manhattan, Nolita, and Chinatown.

Places to Visit

Some must-see places in New York include the beautiful Cloisters Museum, Intrepid Museum, Bronx Zoo, American Museum of Natural History, Ellis Island and Coney Island, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, Central Park and Times Square.

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