Flight Cancellations

Cancel Southwest Flight and Get Refund
It is easy to cancel and get refund from southwest airlines. This is most famous airline of the United States. It is known for its services of cancellation and refund. If you want to cancel the ticket, you should go through southwest cancellation policy.
Southwest airlines cancellation policy

These are some basic points of southwest cancellation policy. You should read properly in order to cancel the flight ticket easily.

  • You should always have travel insurance with you.
  • You should always cancel your ticket within 24 hours form the booking otherwise you have to pay the penalty.
  • Cancel your ticket within free risk period.
  • You need to cancel your flight within 7 day from the flight departure.
  • You have to give cancellation charges if you are cancelling the ticket online.
Southwest airlines refund policy

These are some points for southwest airlines refund ticket policy. You should read them properly.

  • If you are cancelling non-refundable ticket then you have pay amount of cancellation charges.
  • You will get full refund, if you have purchased the ticket within 24 hours from the booking.
  • The refund is applicable if you cancel the flight before 7 days of booking.
  • The Refund will depend on the type of ticket you have purchased.
  • No refund for the non-refundable ticket and full refund for the refundable ticket.
  • You will get full refund if you have sudden death in your family and in that you are cancelling the ticket.


These are the cancellation and refund policy.  To cancel the ticket of southwest airlines, you can go through Southwest Cancellation Policy. If you need help, you can contact southwest airline customer service.  You will get full customer support and guidance. They will provide you the precise and better solutions to your problems.

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